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Enhanced Power Products started as a company working on class 8 vehicles specializing in repair and rebuilding of semi trucks mostly centered around Caterpillar engines. As time went by, we began to do more projects based around getting more power and dependability out of the 3400 series Caterpillars.

EPP has spent the last 8 years testing endless complex combinations of parts for different applications. Starting from line haul applications where longevity and fuel mileage are key for owner operators to boost their bottom line profit. Then to more performance based applications, like truck pulling and off road vocational use to maximize performance as well as durability.

EPP has invested large amounts of money and time buying products as well as testing them. So, our customers do not have to. We have learned through the years which ecm flash files work best for many different applications. The file in the ecm needs to work with the parts combination under the hood and how the truck is used on a day to day basis. This can make a huge difference how the engine performs for a customers needs.

Why our customer service sets our company apart from our competitors.

What drove me to start Enhanced Power Products:
s an owner of a trucking company and a mechanic at a repair shop for over a decade, it was aggravating talking to companies about upgrading parts for more
reliability and enhanced performance applications. Most companies seemed to have little time to talk to me about what I was looking for and even a smaller amount of knowledge about the products they were selling. I wanted more in depth information on products, that their parts salesmen didn't seem to know or they didn't seem to care, which was even more frustrating. That's why all the products you will find on our website come from reputable manufactures that care about there customers and have products that are top notch quality with great customer service. You can bet that you will get treated the same way!

We know that every engine build is different for every customer depending on their application. We want our customers to be able to call us to figure out which parts combinations will work best for their needs without feeling like there talking to a recording for a telemarketer. Feel free to call about any of our products, and if we don't know the answer to your questions then we'll do our best to get you one in a timely manner!

Our Customer Promise:
At Enhanced Power Products we will treat every customer no matter how small or large the same, making sure the hard questions get answered and that our customers are confident that there purchase with us will fit their application the way it should!